Gourmet Truffles:
Our current selection of Truffles include:
Red Velvet                                Mocha Madness
Peppermint                             Pomegranate
Dark Salted to Die For          Tiramisu                                 Raspberry                                Key Lime
                                Turtle                                        Strawberry Sublime
                                 Marvelous Mint                    Jalapeno
                                 Dulce de Leche                     Bananas Foster
                                 Jack Daniels                          Peanut Butter Love
                                 Irish Cream                           Amaretto
                                 Kahlua                                    Blissfully Blueberry
                                 Bacon Love                           Peanut Butter Banana
                                 Midnight Peanut Butter Love
                                 Milk Chocolate Overboard         
Our current selection of Fudge includes:
Maple Nut                          Birthday Cake
Salted Caramel                 S'Mores
Peanut Butter                    Peanut Butter Explosion
                                Chocolate                           Chocolate Explosion
                                Cookies "N' Cream          Mocha Java
                                 Mississippi Mud
                                 Chocolate Peanut Butter        
Gourmet Chocolates:
Current selection of Gourmet Chocolates includes these and many more.
Sea Salt Caramels             Vanilla Sea Salt Caramels
Raspberry Creams            Chocolate Creams
                  Smoked Sea Salt Caramels            Maple Creams
                                Orange Creams                  Chocolate Creams
                                Chocolate Covered Pretzels
                                Chocolate Covered Grahams
Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Bark
Almond Bark         Toffee Bark                        Cherry Cordials
Thin Mints              Coconut Creams              Coconut Bon Bons